End Covid and Avoid Zoonotic Origin Global Pandemics in the Future

Albert Einstein said, “A clever man solves a problem. A wise man avoids it.

For decades, we have known that the elimination of factory farms can save the planet; solve the sickness/sick care/financial crises; eradicate world hunger; and end violence and suffering (and consequential hatred and discrimination).

Now, we know it can end zoonotic origin global pandemics. The 1918 Spanish bird flu proved a mystery to scientists until they discovered a mass grave in Alaska. In 1997, Pathologist Johan Hultin and his colleagues unearthed victims frozen in the permafrost which allowed scientists to analyze traces of the virus in a woman’s lungs, piece together, letter by letter. the genetic code of the 1918 virus, and solve the greatest medical mystery of all time. Humanity’s greatest killer was Bird Flu. In a single month, it spread throughout the US. In 1918, between 50 and 100 million people lost their lives. Like Covid, Ebola, HIV, SARS, BSE, et al., all zoonotic origin global pandemics originate from our use and abuse of animals. The next one is brewing in a factory farm near you now.

You can end Covid. You are the solution to the problem of Covid in the world. You can solve the Covid crises and save millions of lives. You can end Covid by partnering with New Hope Now. Please consider a small, but significant gift because people throughout the world are dying. We need your help because all human and nonhuman beings deserve the right to life. Please support New Hope Now because global citizens need your help today. A small, but significant gift will provide Education and Awareness, Rescue and Sanctuary, and Advocacy and Legislation to end Covid and avoid zoonotic origin global pandemics in the future. Thank you for joining us in the most important health and social impact movement of our lifetime.