Every living being deserves the rights to life, liberty and the freedom not to be used as commodities or resources.

There is no difference between our dogs and cats who we consider family members and pigs, cows, chickens, turkey, fox, elephants, etc. that we eat, wear, use and abuse.  They all feel love, joy, pain and sadness.



Animal agriculture is not only an inefficient method to obtain food, it is not sustainable if the population continues to increase.  In addition, it causes unconscionable and unnecessary suffering of innocent beings, and it remains the primary cause of our health crisis and the second largest contributor to the global climate crisis (second only to fossil fuel usage although factory farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation industry in the world).


“Farm” animals’ sweet spirits are proving therapeutic for humans who suffer with Autism, PTSD, mental challenges or delinquent behavior after they have been rescued from factory farms.  While the animals rehabilitate in their joyful, healthy, peaceful new existence, they form bonds with humans who have also endured trauma, trials and tribulations.  


We can all do our part immediately by acting in impactful ways in order to create a rapid paradigm shift to eliminate animal agriculture.

We can all participate in the March on Washington to pass the Nonhuman Rights Act. 


This website is about my Passion, a calling that God has placed in my heart and my purpose for living on this earth.

I have a vision of my Mission that I plan to accomplish.  If you wish to donate and contribute to a monumental social justice endeavor, I greatly appreciate your support.  (Anyone who would like to donate and needs a tax write off, please contact me directly at carol@newhopenow.net or 386-878-1252.)