Every living being deserves the rights to life, liberty and the freedom not to be used as commodities or resources.

There is no difference between our dogs and cats who we consider family members and pigs, cows, chickens, turkey, fox, elephants, etc. that we eat, wear, use and abuse.  They all feel love, joy, pain and sadness.



Animal agriculture or factory farming is not only an inefficient method to obtain food, a diet based on meat, dairy and eggs is not sustainable if the population continues to increase.  In addition, feeding grain to nonhuman beings, then eating them represents a very inefficient way to eat.  If everyone in the world were vegan, there would be enough food in the world for everyone to eat.  Moreover, factory farming causes unconscionable and unnecessary suffering of innocent beings, and it remains the primary cause of our health crisis and the second largest contributor to the global climate crisis (second only to fossil fuel usage although factory farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation industry in the world).


“Farm” animals’ sweet spirits are proving therapeutic for humans who suffer with Autism, PTSD, mental challenges or delinquent behavior after they have been rescued from factory farms.  While the nonhuman beings rehabilitate in their joyful, healthy, peaceful new existence, they form bonds with humans who have also endured trauma, trials and tribulations.  After interacting with the nonhuman beings and experiencing their unconditional love, humans can share their deeper understanding of the virtues of reverence for all life, benevolence, compassion, empathy, gentleness, kindness, peace and joy with the world.    


We can all do our part immediately by acting in impactful ways in order to create a rapid paradigm shift to eliminate animal agriculture.  Additionally, we can all participate in the March on Washington to pass the Nonhuman Rights Act. 


This website is about my Passion, a calling that God has placed in my heart and my purpose for living on this earth.

I graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in Government/pre-law, and worked for many years in the legal arena for the Commonwealth of Virginia Office of the Attorney General, private law firms in Virginia and Florida, and an ocean front development company in Florida.  I also completed an eight year civilian tour of duty with the Department of Defense.  Despite my accomplished legal career, I never found my niche or an area of practice that excited me enough to complete law school.

With respect to my extra-curricular activities, I started dancing at age two, playing sports at 12 and, weight lifting and running around age 20 at which time I developed an interest in nutrition since it comprises 50-80% of body building and fitness.

About ten years ago, I learned about the horrors of animal agriculture, and started preparing to study Animal Law, but when I researched the arenas of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, I felt that I would be more productive advocating for Nonhuman Rights and drafting legislation rather than studying.  I started meeting with Congressional staff members about Nonhuman Rights bills that I drafted, and eventually, in 2018, finally received positive feedback regarding federal cosmetics testing legislation.

Every single day, I think of the billions of beautiful, innocent, sentient, nonhuman beings who endure lives of torture, rape, unconscionable abuse and inevitably slaughter because a vision of their living Hell has been ingrained in my mind.  Every single day I ask, “If God condones this, then what in the world could the Devil possibly do?”

Furthermore, both of my parents died untimely deaths.  Heart disease took my best friend, my father; and cancer took my rock, my mother, from me.  I believe in my heart and soul that if my parents were vegans, they would both live on earth with me today.

Today, I understand from personal experience Margaret Mead’s famous quote,Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Hence, this website represents all that I Know I must accomplish for every single beautiful, innocent, sentient, nonhuman being.  

I have a vision of my Mission that I plan to accomplish before I leave this earth which will cost millions of dollars (primarily for the rescue of nonhuman beings, the sanctuaries and the March on Washington).  I remain excited, dedicated and exceptionally focused on my Passion.

If you wish to donate and contribute to the most important social justice issue of our time, I greatly appreciate your support.  (Anyone who would like to donate and needs a tax write off, please contact me directly at carol@newhopenow.net or 386-878-1252.)

Donations and gifts will primarily fund the sanctuaries, the rescue of nonhuman beings and the March on Washington.